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The Figure, 5 Aspects: The Brutal Figure – Visceral Images

Nov 13, 1986 - Dec 19, 1986

The Brutal Figure exhibition, installation shot, archives of the Paul Robeson Galleries

The works in this exhibition share a vision of a ghostly and anguished nature. All of the artists address the visceral side of the world; none of the works placate the viewer nor allow for a reprieve from the concerns of the artists. The works unsettle and overpower; the impact of the work is both personal, worldly and long lasting.This exhibition is the second in the series The Figure, 5 Aspects. Includesthe work of Miriam Beerman, Ante Bozanich, Beverly Fishman, Danita Geltner, Reuben Kadish, Pier Marton, Thomas Micchelli, Gregoire Muller, and Charlemagne Palestine.This exhibition is accompanied by a catalog with contributions by Alison Weld

Venue Information Opening Reception
  • Date: Nov 13, 1986 - Dec 19, 1986
  • Location:Paul Robeson Campus Center Gallery, Rutgers University - Newark
  • Curators:PRG