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New Jersey Curator’s Choice

Mar 12, 1984 - Apr 19, 1984

Connie Jost, Resurgere, 1984, cast latex, acrylic on plywood, 72”x96”, Courtesy of the artist. Photo by Karen A. Mauch.


This exhibition is a reflection not only of the differences among the sixteen curators but of the stylistic plurality of the artsin the 1980s. There are many sensibilities in this exhibition ranging from the minimal to the expressionistic, from the abstract to the figurative. The cohesiveness of the exhibition is in this very diversity.Includes the work of: Kenneth Alliston, Andrea Belag, Gershon Benjamin, Stefany Blyn, Brendan Haugh, Connie Jost, Dennis Lick, Don Miller, Hiroshi Murata, Jack Roth, Livio Saganic, Herk Van Tongeren, Kay WalkingStick, and Debra Weier.This exhibition is accompanied by a catalog with contributions by Anne Fabbri Butera, Linda Constant Buki, Zoltan Buki, Phillip Dennis Cate, Mary M. Chandor, Wallace X. Conway, William J. Dane, Robert J. Koenig, Paul Master-Karnick, Samuel C. Miller, Harry Orchard, Gary A. Reynolds, Cynthia H. Sanford, Helene Zucker Seeman, Virginia Orberlin Steel, Colleen Thornton,Alison G. Weld, and Stuart J. White.

Venue Information Opening Reception
  • Date: Mar 12, 1984 - Apr 19, 1984
  • Location:Paul Robeson Campus Center Gallery, Rutgers University - Newark
  • Curators:PRG