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Lift off: Earthlings and the Great Beyond

Sep 01, 2011 - Jan 05, 2012
Collage with satellite, American flag, and the Staten Island Ferry

Robert Weingarten, Portraits Without People: Buzz Aldrin, 2007. Pigment print on paper, 40 x 60 inches. ©Robert Weingarten, courtesy of Marlborough Gallery, New York.



As the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (or NASA, best known as the agency that first put a man on the moon) puts an end its moon program, the Paul Robeson Galleries presents an exhibition based on ideas and issues surrounding space: perceptions of future life based in space; space agencies (i.e. NASA); the Russian space agency; race for space; NASA byproducts; objects in space; ways of viewing space from earth; the possibility of other life forms in space; space travel, the depiction of space in popular culture, design for space, and the life of an astronaut.


Venue Information Opening Reception
  • Date: Sep 01, 2011 - Jan 05, 2012
  • Location:Paul Robeson Campus Center Gallery, Rutgers University - Newark
  • Curators:PRG

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