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Kate Dodd: Between the Lines

Apr 16, 1998 - Nov 01, 1998

Kate Dodd, Between the Lines (installation view), 1998, 30’ x 30’ x 12’.


Includes the work of Kate Dodd.


Kate Dodd creates a commissioned outdoor sculptural installation on the Rutgers-Newark Plaza. Kate Dodd writes, “Between the Lines is a series of welded ‘screens’ placed in staggered parallel rows. Like driving past a vineyard, one is aware of the continually changing perspective these transparent planes effect, from intermittent uprights to a branching tangle, and from afar, as a rhythmically scattered field. The contrast between the overall rusty patina and the fluorescent tips simultaneously callstomind early spring and safety markings in a construction site, while a sense of web-like growth permeates the systematic structure.” This outdoor sculptural installation was commissioned by Rutgers–Newark.

Venue Information Opening Reception
  • Date: Apr 16, 1998 - Nov 01, 1998
  • Location:Rutgers - Newark Plaza
  • Curators:PRG