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Hugo Xavier Bastidas: Rescued from the Institution

Sep 13, 1999 - Oct 28, 1999

Hugo Xavier Bastidas, Assessing Value, 1998.


Includes the work of Hugo Xavier Bastidas.


Hugo Xavier Bastidas writes,“The approach behind the artwork is firstly visual and secondly conceptual. I apply paint to the surface with quick even short strokes that build and amount to the image. The result is that of a blurry monochrome photograph encouraging closer inspection. Purposely generating a journalistic photographic appearance is used to capture the attention for the narrative. By considering perhaps what is being viewed as actually having happened or just accepting it for what it is the account/conclusion of the context becomes personal. The situations in the picture seem innocuous at first, but very much the same way the formal quality slowly reveals itself, the aim is that the conceptual allegorical riffs on cultural malaise and environmental disruption begin to unfold as well.”

Venue Information Opening Reception
  • Date: Sep 13, 1999 - Oct 28, 1999
  • Location:Paul Robeson Campus Center
  • Curators:PRG