Collection Highlights – Vaugh Spann

Vaugn Spann

Acrylic and enamel paint on glass
8′ x 8′

Vaughn Spann is an alumnus of Rutgers University-Newark

Collection of Rutgers University-Newark

Office of Admissions

“The inspiration for my design is Iconography and Symbolism.  2016 has been a huge blessing for me. I married my college sweetheart, welcomed my first daughter into the world and was even accepted into Yale School of Art for my MFA. I wanted to find a way to give visual meaning to all of these events while paying homage to the school that help me establish a foundation for my future, Rutgers University.  Although this year has been full of wonderful events, it has been threatened by tumultuous ones. Donald Trump is running for president, police are abusing authority and my own Alma matter has faced issues of campus separatism. What we need always and now more than ever is love… Rutgers Newark sometimes gets a bad rap due to geographic factors. I chose the Rutgers Newark campus because I believed in everything it had to offer and didn’t let anything taint my opinion.  I often called Newark a ‘hidden gem’ because many people assume the goods are solely in New Brunswick but that couldn’t be any further from the truth!” 

-Vaughn Spann

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