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April 4, 2021


Johnson-Ricks’ new work explores fellowship, engaging acts of fiction and poetry to capture moments with kith and kin that feel loving. He asks himself what it means to make a family, community, friendship, when the world is so precarious, when the water rises, when death comes, and when all that is visible is capital. While his older work had been in conversation with vernacular movement traditions and martial arts practices like Shotokan Karate and Jersey Club dancing, which act as covert languages for those most targeted for capital extraction, he now explicitly centers the fantastical and poetic nature of an uninterrupted mundane. The works find their dramatic tension in the context of fragility, addressing his subjects’ deep alienation from, and even guilt in the face of, extended moments of peace. In this light, Johnson-Ricks’ compositions become testaments to the irrepressible urge of the imagination to metabolize, to reinvent, and to transcend.


This is a video for beginners, it reviews all of the steps to make a 20" necklace and a 36" wrap bracelet. Basic tools, stringing, technique, and materials. Hope you enjoy the video.


Where can beauty be subversive? Working in her Bronx studio, artist Firelei Báez creates a series of paintings that draw upon the rich folklore and colonial history of the Caribbean, where she was born and raised. Exquisitely detailed and vibrantly colored, Báez’s paintings of dramatically shapeshifting figures assert the power of the female form and challenge fundamental ideas around beauty and agency. Shot primarily on film and featuring original choreography inspired by her paintings, this film is a portrait of an artist in creative transition—like the figures in her work—and in constant motion, traveling her surrounding Bronx neighborhood as well as to her glass mosaic commission at the 163rd Street-Amsterdam Avenue subway station in Manhattan


Voices of Immigration is an interdisciplinary research podcast through DiSC at Rutgers University-Camden. Podcast contextualized immigrant stories and touches on issues such as contemporary issues such as the Muslim Ban, DACA, and stereotypes. The goal is to investigate these broader topics and tell the stories of these issues. We are starting off by telling the stories of students throughout our campus and what their experience has been for the country they call home. It will be doing things such as bringing in guests for interviews so they can tell their stories as immigrants..

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