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A shortlist of cultural content for the week of October 5, 2020.


Image: Jeffrey Gibson’s “Because Once You Enter My House It Becomes Our House” (2020) at Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City, Queens.Credit…
Joe Carrotta for The New York Times
“Planned before the latest wave of falling statues, and curated by the park’s director of exhibitions, Jess Wilcox, “Monuments Now” looks prescient today. It suggests possible answers to a question that haunts our public landscape: As stone and metal renderings of imperious men that once seemed permanently affixed to the ground have vanished, what should take their place?”


“Follow along this step by step easy art therapy activity for beginners on how to draw your feelings and paint your emotions using mediums like oil pastel and watercolor paint. This expressive art exercise will help you express yourself and use art as an outlet for your feelings.”

watch: Any Time

“The urgency for a new world has sounded the call, and we are all needed to build the future we’ve been waiting for. Join For Freedoms, an artist-led organization that models and increases creative civic engagement, discourse and direct action, as they discuss their vision for creative activism in 2020 – and beyond. Featuring fine artists Niama Sandy, Anya Ayoung Chee, Helina Metaferia, Kaneza Schaal, and Claudia Peña.”


Image: Amin Husain (crouching down in the center right) and Nitasha Dhillon (hold white papers in the center left) talking with a group of artists, activists, and locals before an action at the Brooklyn Museum in 2016. (photo Hrag Vartanian/Hyperallergic)

“I’ve been wanting to do a major interview with Amin Husain and Nitasha Dhillon for years. As the duo behind MTL+ Collective and organizers with Decolonize This Place, FTP, Gulf Ultra Luxury Faction (GULF), and other groups through the years, they’ve played an active role in pressuring New York’s art community and institutions to deal with the issues that have long been overlooked.”