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A shortlist of cultural content for the week of September 14, 2020.


“Painter Grace Lynne Haynes accomplished something few young artists have before she even began her MFA at the Mason Gross School of the Arts this fall. The 27-year-old student in the Department of Art Design has painted her second cover for The New Yorker since early August, a significant achievement at any age. “If not unprecedented, it is exceedingly rare for an artist be featured on two covers within a single month, which is clearly a testament to the power of Grace’s unique vision as an artist,” said department chair Marc Handelman. “Art and Design is so proud of Grace for her stunning and moving contributions to The New Yorker.”


“In this family program, artist and storyteller Elise R. Peterson of Jug’s World encourages children to consider the relationships between themselves, nature, and the concept of home, inspired by the CAAM exhibition Sanctuary. Gather everyday objects from home—as well as leaves, sticks, pods, petals, and other things found in nature—and transform them into a world of your own through collage.”

watch: anytime

Adebunmi Gbadebo is a visual artist who creates sculptures, paintings, prints, and paper using human hair sourced from people of the African diaspora. Rejecting traditional art materials, Gbadebo saw hair as a means to center her people and their histories as central to the narratives in her work. Born in New Jersey and based in Newark, Gbadebo first gained recognition in 2015 exhibiting in her first solo exhibition at the Paul Robeson Gallery at Rutgers University, Newark, NJ while earning a BFA at the School of Visual Arts, NY.”


“Each episode features one author on a new book that offers critical ways of understanding the worlds we make. Transdisciplinary perspectives from across the arts, social sciences, and humanities every Tuesday.”