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“For over a decade, Mr. Biggers has been working with antique quilts alongside his other media. He disrupts these heirlooms with bold paint strokes, adorns them with imagery, cuts into them to inspect the void.“They’re portals, in a sense,” he said. “I consider them between painting, drawing and sculpture, and a repository of memory — the memory of the body.” The quilt, vernacular object par excellence, proved to be rich terrain for what Mr. Biggers calls “material storytelling.” As the full scope of his quilt work comes into view, it sheds new light on his long-held concerns — with the Black experience, American violence, Buddhism and art history — and reveals interior dimensions of his personal journey.”


“In this step-by-step, make-at-home art activity inspired by the CAAM exhibition Sanctuary: Recent Acquisitions to the Permanent Collection, children can explore concepts of safety and refuge.”

Watch: Any Time

“Rising Lebanese performer and visual storyteller Rémie Akl shares a raw and revealing spoken word response to the ammonium nitrate explosion that ripped through the heart of Beirut on 4 August 2020. 
Created especially for an Instagram generation, to reach out to those who have begun to normalize tragedy in the Middle East, Akl’s video is a searing narrative of pain, frustration and loss of hope in systems that have failed to protect its people.”


THNX for da Hues of Violet w/ fayemi & Bimpé

“V-I-O-L-E-T WOMAN! All the hues with The Legit Sidekick and The Host with the Most! Episode 014 welcomes writer, interdisciplinary artist, educator, and arts advocate for the city of Newark fayemi shakur and poet, photojournalist, educator, and scholar Bimpé Fageyinbo. Back in mid-December, we were joined by 2 incredible women but more than that, humans. We learned about A Womb of Violet, its origins, and mission, Bimpé gives us an excerpt of a poem she wrote, insight on their practices and careers thus far, thoughts on present-day US, black feminism, the art community in Newark, and artist fayemi and Bimpé are currently into.”

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